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About AshleyMakes

AshleyMakes is an artist currently residing in Central Oregon.  All products are made by hand, by one person.

Boutique Accessories

Since every single item is hand made, no two items are the same.  Every detail was placed deliberately with quality in mind.  Everything is a little quirky, a little nerdy, but awesome. 

Unparalleled Style

One of a kind items are made and posted regularly, but custom orders are always welcome.  Products are of the highest quality and made to the standards of the artist.

Artist. Writer. Maker. Fur Mom. Badass.

About Me

Art & Other Stuff

I have always, ALWAYS been an artist at heart.  Art was my first love, first hobby, and almost the only thing that has been a part of every second of my life since I can remember.

Having worked with so many different tools and mediums, I have learned that I like to use my hands-- so finger painting and yarn might be used here :)

After too many years working in a field I wasn't in love with, I realized it's time to try to live my dream.

I am currently working toward setting up a storefront, and I hope one day that people will see and enjoy the art I so much love to create.  I Make it ALL.

All this stuff is made by me and my own two hands.  I buy canvases and yarn and tools and whatever, even the occasional jar or toy that I plan to alter-- but that will be noted in the product description.

Media & Design

Flyer design, logo design, website management, etcetera... Some details here ;)

Outside Product Promotions

Once in a while I might throw in some blog entries on products and/or businesses I like (and maybe hate, who knows).  Currently no one pays me for this stuff-- so it's just my big fat opinion.  This just prevents me from getting rusty with my writing.

If for some reason anyone ever decides to pay me and or send me one of their products for a review (contact me, I totally wouldn't mind ;)) I promise I will disclose that info right up front and I will also be honest with my words.  I am many things, but I am NOT a liar.